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60 minutes

Microdermabrasion is a skin-freshening technique that helps repair  skin that has taken a beating from the sun. Microdermabrasion will help to diminish sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and coarse textured skin.


Laura P

This place is amazing! I regularly receive facials from Eleni and the treatments are always exceptional. The skin spa is beautiful, clean, and very relaxing. I not only felt great but I looked fabulous as well. Post-Microdermabrasion facial people always comment on how good my skin looks! In addition to providing a fantastic service Eleni also recommends great at home care. I love all of the products that she suggested and thought they were very reasonably priced. I can't wait for my next appointment and highly recommend that you check out Eleni for any of your future skin care needs!

Maui B

Eleni makes me feel like I'm her only client...very special. I am pampered from the moment I walk in. Her facials feel so good that I want to make pleasure noises, but I know that's frowned upon so I keep them to myself. Treat're worth it. 

Michelle F

Such a great facial!! Eleni has this aura about her that just makes you relax and feel like you're in great hands (literally )! It was awesome-- completely relaxing and the product felt great. What I loved was that Eleni was attentive to understanding how your skin felt (as our skin all reacts differently) and more importantly telling you what she was doing and why. I have good skin but learned some great tips to keep it looking great as I get older! Take the time and treat yourself!

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