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about me

Blessed is a word I use often.  I have been extremely blessed with so much in my life! An incredible loving husband, parents who nurtured my intuition, raised me with Faith, and Unconditional Love. A sister that is a best friend, healthy nephews, nieces and Godchildren. A family that I see on a regular basis. And if that's not enough, I
have the best of friends a girl could ever ask for.

I have always been very “in tune” with my body. Some of my earliest memories as a child is my innate knowing of what my body did or did not like. Both internally and externally, I could identify if I was in a place of “static”, an out of balance feeling of knowing something wasn’t right, or if it was absolutely in a synchronistic flow and a place for me to thrive. I believe we are all born with that innate knowing but along
our journeys, if it is not fostered, it can get lost. 

Prior to my ovarian cancer(I don't use this word often because I do not like to give it any of  my energy) diagnosis, I “knew” something wasn’t right with me. My first trip to the ER was in 2009. I had severe stomach pains that correlated with my monthly painful periods which I had since my first period. From that first trip to the ER until my diagnosis in February 2022, western medical doctors, scans, and lab work told me I was “fine” and that all of my symptoms I was constantly reporting were normal. Those symptoms are what I now know to be the number one red flags of ovarian cancer. Debilitating cramps, painful sex, not being able to conceive, bloating, family history of cancer, and a constant “something” showing up in scans which my OB told me was nothing and that it was too small for her to biopsy. When my husband and I came to the reality that we would not be having children, I asked for a hysterectomy. I just wanted the monthly suffering to end. When asking to go down this path, my OB told me she could put me on birth control. To me this was all so bizarre and I continued to search for natural answers. Popping 800mg of ibuprofen or naproxen, multiple days a month recommended by doctors, put my gut  in complete disarray, and–in my belief–ultimately these chronic internal and external stressors led to my diagnosis.

All of this being said (I can go on and on here), I am blessed for the experiences which led me to this next chapter of my story. To use my voice, my experience, my authentic spirit to help guide others to their ultimate healing. This is where becoming a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner comes in and lights me up for what is next for me. Using functional labs to support, I’ll design a customized, holistic lifestyle plan based on each person's unique individualized needs. I am not looking to diagnose or treat anything specifically. I am looking to build health in the entire person and guide people who want their body to be in balance and thrive! 

When we choose to tap in and listen to what it is our body (not our mind) is asking for, that is where the magic happens.  But it is a choice! What do you choose?

"Give thanks! All day every day"    

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