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An aromatic treatment serum for strengthening delicate complexions often found in those with thinner textured skins. The highly anti-inflammatory formulation reduces skin redness and high colour whilst strengthening epidermal layers.


Skin type/condition:
Rosacea and highly colored skin. Those with dilated capillaries and redness due to weakened blood capillaries in thinner textured skin.


Features & benefits:

  • This unique blend of essential oils aids in strengthening capillaries leading to a healthier, more nourished skin.
  • Easily absorbed botanicals fortify and strengthen the skin’s barrier.
  • Potent aromatic oils intensively reduce inflammation and help take redness out of the skin.

Calming Serum (No. 2) 25ml

Only 6 left in stock
  • Key ingredients:

    • East Indian Sandalwood: this highly anti-inflammatory essential oil reduces inflammation and heat in the skin whilst comforting and supporting the emotions and mindset.
    • Niaouli: strengthens the capillary walls and gives circulatory reinforcement.
    • Basil: tones the skin and gives refreshing aromatic benefits.
    • Hazelnut Oil: nourishes the skin and imparts benefits of Vitamins A, B and E.
    • Rosewood:  assists with cell renewal and tissue regeneration and is regarded for comforting the emotions of menopausal and post-menopausal clients experiencing anxiety and low mood.
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