"Keep Up moving"

 That is what my YiaYia always instilled in me. In her 90's she was still climbing the Oakland hills 3x a week and never went a day without stretching.                        

Mind, body and spirit, she always kept moving. 

Sometime in the 1980's my Ma (Mother) took me to Toys R Us  to pick out a toy. I took home a toy exercise kit called 'Get in Shape Girl'. I can still remember the tune and sing the song that played on the commercial and the cassette tape that came in the kit. I would put on my leg warmers, headband and leotard to teach my sister, cousin, friends and any of the kids in our neighborhood that would join how to exercise. My dad put up a wall of mirrors in our living room so it was like my sister and I had our own personal dance studio. I would line everyone up like they were in a class. We each had our own little mat,  dumbbells and weighted bracelets that we would use for our routines. As a little girl deep in my soul I always wanted to be sporty, strong and fit. 


Fast forward to when I joined Diablo CrossFit  in 2009, after years of swim team, morning runs with my father, gymnastics, cheerleading, running like a hamster on a treadmill, eating burritos and drinking tons of beer that I discovered the importance of nutrition and how it would play a huge roll in my fitness success. I have since left Diablo, but I am forever grateful for the day I walked in there. 


So now fast forward again to 2020, working out at home with my BFF, husband, twin flame, soul mate and all the things he is wrapped into one! We get up early and get our fitness done. Prioritizing health and fitness into our relationship first thing in the morning makes our day go that much smoother and we never take it for granted. Some days we walk, run or do the same workout, but the majority of days we do our own thing side by side and share the same clock!


The workouts I post are just thrown on here to share because I love sharing! There is no order I would recommend doing them or specific programming involved. They are strictly for sharing and a place I can archive them.

Healthy feet are vital for mobility. Rolling my feet on a lacrosse ball, massaging and using yoga toes is something I do 3-5x a week.