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Your personal, customized,
holistic lifestyle program

Join me on a 100 day journey of wellness...

... a program to simplify how to live healthy, so you can thrive and feel better than ever!

No two bodies are the same. Genetics plays a part of it. Your history has also molded the way your body functions, whether that is efficient or not. But because of those differences, the average "fad diet" will not work for every body. Nor get to the root cause of any symptoms you are feeling.


100 Days with Eleni dives deep into YOUR body and how it works. Using labs, you will learn about YOUR imbalances, food sensitivities, and how different systems are "working" with or against each other in YOUR body. Based on those labs, I will create a customized lifestyle program with you to help you achieve body balance, healing, and fitness goals.

I love inspiring wellness.

Throughout your 100 Days with Eleni, you will receive support and one-on-one sessions to ensure your plan is successful for you, so that you will feel comfortable and confident to continue your wellness living once the program is completed.

 I love connecting with humans and guiding those around me to live their best life. I have a passion for sharing any and all things that have helped me grow and heal, which is why I've designed 100 Days with Eleni, a co-creative journey to support healing and help you thrive from the inside out, while taking away the information overload.

The first step to wellness is booking your Discovery Call.  Are you ready? 

When we choose to tap in and listen to what it is our body is asking for--not our mind--that is where the magic happens.

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