"Like each of us, not one is created the same.

We are all unique individuals who deserve to shine and be loved!" -eleni

Crafted with loveguided by God.

Homemade using recycled clothing.

Since I was a little girl, I knew it was my calling to create, give unto others, and spread love. Your purchase supports my dream to love out loud. I am forever grateful for your trust, support, and love.

How shine came to life!

After my concussion, as I began to heal, I wanted to return the favor to give back  to others. But I wasn't sure how. So I considered my strengths: owning my own skin care business, design and creativity. Then, like always, I prayed! One night, I went to wash my face and my prayers were answered! A well made face washing headband that had some style to it! Something that pulls your hair out of your face while you wash it. Fast forward to me going to a dear friend's home to touch up my sewing skills, I now have a bedroom full of clothes given to me from family and friends and I am selling upcycled, multi-use face washing headbands, hats, jewelry and anything unique I can create out of my skin studio and off my website. I had turned my brain injury into a passion project and I am so eager to share it with others!

Wraps $30 

Just a few things you can use your wrap for:​

  • Washing your face

  • MakeUp/Cosmetic application

  • Ear Warmer

  • Eye mask for sleeping or napping

  • During fitness 

  • Just because 

Message me to start your design process and place an order!

Hats $40 


1 for $7    2 for $11   3 for $16 

Heart Necklace 

$50 with chain   $30 without chain 

Price includes mini cinch sack

I have been in love with hearts since I was a little girl. To me it represents all things LOVE so I thought, why not create my own design to spread and share love. The process working with my dear friend and jeweler to make my dream come to light was magic in itself and I am grateful for the experience! So here you have it...

Fun to add it on any chain of your own!

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