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A creamy textured fruit & hydroxy acid exfoliant to gently refine skin texture without friction or scrubbing leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated.


Skin type/condition:
Mature, pre-maturely ageing, hyper-pigmented, congested or breakout prone skin. Avoid using if taking medically prescribed Ro-accutane/Iso-tretinoin or exfoliating medication.


Features & benefits:

  • Removes dull surface skin build up helping minimise appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Leaves skin smooth, soft and hydrated.
  • Helps promote a more monotone complexion where pigmentation has occurred.


Exfoliating agent:
6 % Fruit & Hydroxy Acids (pH4) – dissolve and loosen the desmosome protein bonds which give skin cells cohesion to each other, allowing an even shedding of corneocytes and stimulating production of new fresh
cells in the basal layer.

Age Resist Active Complex 50ml

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  • Key ingredients:

    • Glycolic Acid: Small molecules derived from sugar cane allows deeper and more thorough exfoliation to smooth and resurface ageing and pre-maturely ageing skin.
    • Lactic Acid: Exfoliates and resurfaces skin, increases hydration and brightens hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone
    • Sunflower Oil: Nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids.
    • Grapeleaf Extract: Soothes and offers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits to keep skin calm.
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