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Beyond Skin



There is no better time than now to choose you! Choose to put yourself first and live the healthy, fun, abundant life you were born to do! With clarity, gratitude, with ease and grace!


I could not be more excited about the spark that lit me up with the idea to create a program for anyone looking to simplify living your daily life healthy, happy, fun, and uncomplicated while thriving and feeling better than ever!

 Connecting with humans, guiding those around me to living their best life, sharing any and all things that have helped me grow and heal is a passion of mine. That is why I've designed a 90 day, co-creative journey to support healing and help you thrive from the inside out while taking away the information overload.

The time is now to get back to learning to love yourself! I'll share with you some of my favorite lifestyle healing hacks on stress relief, food, fitness, relationships, hormones and fun!


With love, blessings and an overflowing heart of gratitude, Eleni


When we choose to tap in and listen to what it is our body (not our mind) is asking for, that is where the magic happens. 
I believe our body is a reflection of our conciseness, and that one of the greatest superpowers we have is learning how to listen to our own, unique, Divine home frequency that we were born with. 

By raising your vibration, you instantly raise the vibration of everything and everyone around you.It's that easy. But it is a choice.

What do you choose?

Ready to Raise Your Vibe...

I will connect with you as soon as I get your message! BIG LOVE, Eleni

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